Mermaid Vodka

Mermaid Vodka

Inspired by the Isle of Wight’s fresh sea air, and that hint of saltiness on your lips after a day spent out on the water.

Mermaid Vodka is a grain distilled vodka, with a subtle addition of rock sea salt for smoothness. Each batch is handcrafted using our column still and then blended with Isle of Wight spring water in small batches.

Our vodka is bottled at 40% ABV and makes a great foundation for cocktails, but with its satisfying level of smoothness and character, we have also created an incredible sipping drink that can be enjoyed without embellishment.

Why salt?

Staying true to our Island roots, nothing reminds us of the Island quite like a hint of sea air. Whether you have enjoyed a family day on the beach or a day’s sailing. We used this as our inspiration and so our very own Isle of Wight Mermaid Vodka was born!

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