Isle of Wight Whisky

We have been laying down the first Island single malt whisky since 2015, brewed and distilled with Isle of Wight barley. Not many people realise that the base alcohol for whisky is beer. Using patience and care, we create a smooth, flavourful whisky which is matured for a minimum of three years.

Our Island single malt will mature in a combination of bourbon (american oak) and white wine (french oak) casks. Part of our wood management will be the finishing of the whisky – where the whisky rests for the last 6 months in either sherry, Madeira, Cognac, port or even peated whisky casks.

Patience and Care

The majority of distillers producing whisky rush the first part of the brewing process to get to the distilling and maturation of the whisky. We intend to put as much care and attention into brewing the beer wash for distilling as you would in brewing a fine pint of ale.

Our Whisky

We have created a unique recipe using Island barley that will be brewed at Goddard’s Brewery, moved to the distillery and then distilled. The new barley spirit will be left maturing in oak casks for at least 3 years as governed by the Scottish whisky association.

Want to Buy a Cask?

For whisky fans there will be an opportunity to buy and mature your own whisky in oak barrels. This could make a great gift for a whisky lover! We’ll invite you in each year to taste your whisky as it matures so you can personally taste the difference.

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