HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin

HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin

Isle of Wight Distillery navy strength gin product imageThe Isle of Wight Distillery is proud to announce a partnership with The National Museum of the Royal Navy to produce, under license, a unique Navy Strength Gin.

The Island-­based distillery, that currently produces hand­crafted Wight Mermaids Gin, has partnered with the museum to launch a new Navy Strength Gin named after HMS Victory, the Navy’s most illustrious warship. A percentage of the sales will go to support the ongoing restoration of the Victory.

HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin has a higher concentration of botanicals resulting in a more intense flavour and an ABV of 57%.

There will also be a special limited edition gin that is both Navy Strength and aged in oak barrels to recreate the taste and style of gin drunk at sea by Naval officers who served at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The Isle of Wight Distillery has commissioned four bespoke barrels that will incorporate pieces of oak from HMS Victory itself. They will be created by England’s only Master Cooper, Alastair Simms who will be working closely with the National Museum of the Royal Navy conservation team in Portsmouth.


Take a look at our full press release on the release of the gin

What is Navy Strength?

In the 18 century the Royal Navy legislated that all naval ships were to carry a quantity of gin on board and that it must be 1 00° proof (the English standard of the day) which equates to 57% ABV. It was discovered that gunpowder soaked in alcohol with a strength of more than 57% could still be ignited and this became the standard test for Navy Strength or ‘gunpowder proof’ gin.

When is it available?

The barrels will be filled with Navy Strength Gin on 7 May 2016 to commemorate the launch of the Royal Navy’s flagship HMS Victory on this date 251 years ago in 1765. Our plan is that in time there will be four separate releases of the finished oak-­aged gin, with each of the special barrels containing a batch of 251 bottles, make sure you purchase your very own limited edition bottle of the gin!

Get your own!

The first release will have matured for five months in a Victory oak barrel, the second release will be in one year, the third release in three years and the fourth release in five years on the 7th May 2021. HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin will be launched at the Junipalooza Gin Event, Old Tobacco Docks, East London on the 11 & 12 June. We will add this to the shop to buy on the same day too.

Want to try it?

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